What is Possible: A Woman’s Journey from Iran to America

Her daughter wants to keep bouncing on the two big mattresses that lie on the floor, but Azadeh is tired. She’s been up all night. She catches a glimpse of her child’s eyes inviting her to play. She tosses aside her weariness and starts tumbling and laughing with her little girl. It’s a scene repeated […]

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Park51: Why Here?

Open on a scene of fist-pumping, screaming book-burners. Cut to a scene of screaming, sign-waving anti-Muslim protestors reciting the Lord’s Prayer at a community board meeting or a pastor burning a Quran a day. As someone who’s been involved with the Park51 project from the beginning, I feel like I’m watching the same movie. (Deepak […]

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Rebuilding a Neighborhood with Care

I was a mile away when the first plane hit the Trade Towers. I was taking my son by stroller to our parent-run day care center. I ran with him to that shelter. We all struggled not to show to the children how afraid we were. We took turns going outside to stand, watch and […]

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