Capoeira Mucurumim

All ages are welcome!

Class every Tuesday and Friday
6:30pm to 8:30pm


First class is free!

Capoeira Angola is an Afro-Brazilian martial art with origins in central Africa. Capoeira was up-rooted and transplanted to Brazil via the trans-Atlantic slave trade by the Portuguese. In Brazil, the art evolved with influences from different African tribes as well as from the indigenous culture of Brazil, and the effects of European colonialism. Because of its power, it was disguised a “game” and was eventually outlawed in Brazil until the 1930’s. Today, Capoeira is revered as the cultural treasure of Brazil.

Capoeira Mucurumim researches and disseminates information on the Islamic influences on Afro-Brasilian culture, particularly Capoeira Angola. Mucurumim is a Yoruban term for an African Muslim. Capoeira Mucurumim acknowledges the different African cultures and spiritual traditions, including that of the Yoruba and Muslim, that have contributed to making Capoeira what it is today.

*Wear loose pants, a belt, a crew neck t-shirt that can be tucked in and sneakers

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