Space Rental Terms of Use

  • Guest is entitled to use the space for family events such as weddings, baby showers, and family reunions, or organization events such as meetings, dinners, presentations, and workshops. Charitable discounts apply to functions which serve a charitable cause generally relevant to Park51’s mission, pre-approved by Park51 at its discretion.
  • Unless the guest opts for Park51 managed set-up and clean-up, guest will be fully responsible for ordering furniture, setting-up, and cleaning up the space before and after the event. If such set-up must occur outside the bounds of the allocated event time, it must be done in consultation with Park51 management to ascertain that set-up does not conflict with any other event in advance, otherwise, Park51 will assume there is no conflict and book other events at will. If there is no conflict, pre-set up time will not be charged. If there is, management will discuss options with guest.
  • Extra set-up and clean-up arrangements must be done at the time of booking, otherwise Park51 will assume there is no need and will hold guest accountable. A failure to clean up after the event will result in a $100 penalty, plus a $75 charge for each hour staff spends cleaning afterwards.
  • Guests should expect nothing set-up at space, except it that it is pre-ordered.
  • Guest will be liable for all damages, especially food stains.
  • If food is ordered on the PrayerSpace side, the guest must provide vinyl/plastic fold-out wrapping to cover the entire eating area to avoid stains.
  • Any additional staff should be provided by guest (server, etc.), unless pre-arranged by Park51.
  • Park51 reserves the right to refuse rental reservation requests that have aspects that are in opposition, or are themselves deemed to be in opposition to the values and mission of Park51.

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