Statement of Park51 on President Obama’s Iftar Address

We wish all a blessed Ramadan.

Peace be upon all of you. On behalf of Park51, we would like to express our support of President Obama’s brave and principled defense of religious liberty and freedom. President Obama has always stood up for the values our country is founded upon, values which we, like all Americans, honor and cherish.

We understand that many of our fellow New Yorkers and fellow Americans have concerns and questions. In the days and months ahead, we will be answering those questions. We are only at the beginning of this process, and we would like to invite our neighbors and fellow New Yorkers to reach out to us and learn more about us.

Muslims have been living, working and worshiping in lower Manhattan for decades. We hope, through Park51, to accommodate the long-standing needs of the Muslims of lower Manhattan, and also contribute to the revitalization of these neighborhoods. We are committed to working to improve New York City, to grow together, and to benefit America.

As our community moves forward, we will keep our doors open and work together with our fellow New Yorkers to improve our city and enrich our country. In the best Muslim tradition, we hope to take this Ramadan as an opportunity to serve our fellow Americans, help the less fortunate and open our hearts to one another.

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